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Hello, you might have seen this forum and you might be wondering what this forum is for. Well as its name suggests, this is a forum dedicated to two of our major, or "endgame" role-plays designed as a place to use your fully evolved Pokémon; both of which were hit by the forum shift of last year. Basically this forum houses threads for the role-plays: ASB Raid Zone, and The Legend Run.

Generally you should not be posting threads in this forum unless you are either refereeing a TLR or ASB Raid Zone Challenge and only if you are an approved referee.

Basically this is the place to go to sign up or participate in raids or TLR's and various other things like data and whatnot.

There are three prefixes here:
  • Data: This is for any TLR/Raid Thread that is not a challenge Thread
  • Completed: This is for TLR/Raid Challenge Threads that have been completed.
  • Roleplay: This is for TLR/Raid Challenge Threads that are ongoing.
Other than that, have fun playing these hard Role-plays and happy Raiding/TLRing!

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